Daily Report

#20 Part 2 – Patience is key

Ok so the trading day is done and dusted. The bottom bounce set-up just did not come to fruition. It was a true test of patience the last couple of days and we will wait for it to come. Be patient Jack!

Good things today:

  1. Risk management was solid. Turned down the alert because of a poor reward scenario
  2. Was patient for A quality set-ups


  1. Scared out of my trade. – still not sure about the 5 min chart 5 min scalps yet. Gotta see it more and analyse it more to understand it better

In other news, I miscounted. I still need two more trading days before my 10 Day Analytics. Its coming I promise. Also I forgot to screen shot my P&L today but rest assured its at -36. A toute!


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