10 Day Analytics

First 10 day Analytics Episode #1-2

In this genre of posts, I am going to compare the current 10 days vs the previous 10 days

Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 11.38.46 pm.png

Voila! Those are my stats


  1. Much fewer trades! That is good as it means my aim to focus on better set ups is working.
  2. Accuracy has improved tremendously and almost doubled
  3. Losers are much smaller



  1. Losses are still greater than winners. Got to lower this amount further if possible
  2. Still not at ideal accuracy. Aim should be around 70-80%
  3. Commissions are killing me slowly. I have to manage size and number of executions better to limit those for the time being. I told myself to not break my exits into two if my share size is smaller than a certain number
  4. Had no big wins this time, this is more of getting in the right trades and sharpening my strategy more. There was opportunity – I just missed the best ones.


Alright the tunnel has brightened up by marginally. Things are at least moving in the right direction. My data set is still pretty small though and lets get this bigger and better soon. I am going to keep fighting for this dream. You have to believe your dreams first before you can go out there and achieve them. I do and I am working my butt off to get there.


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