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Disappointing #10

Its my 10th day trading and nothing has improved. Today I traded 1 ticker 3 times and was red all 3.

Accuracy: 0%

Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 10.06.43 pm.png

What was really disappointing was that I have been on a crazy losing streak, completely unlike when I was paper trading. Yeah its no comparison but still. I am a little discouraged but far far far far far away from giving up. I set myself a goal and I’m not running away.

To put salt on the wound. MLSD, did exactly as I had planned with a big potential win. I could not get into the trade unfortunately. Why? I hit my MAX LOSS! So the max loss is inclusive of commissions. Can’t really complain. Do not overtrade was part of my mantra last week. Gotta keep to what keeps you alive.

Things I changed today:

  1. Further simplified my scans. The more cluttered the more confusing.
  2. Removed the realized gains/losses column on my platform to ensure i do not trade the money but trade the ticker according to chart patterns


Review my watchlist to see if my plans for technical trades worked or not.

I can’t lie. I am a little down today. Cya tomorrow!

Daily Report · Gap & Go · Stupid Chase


Today I sincerely feel like the biggest idiot. Every other trader probably made money today but only a clown like me could lose like that.

I made all the worst mistakes a trader could make. I broke all my rules.

  1. I bought pre-market. NEVER AGAIN FOR A MOMENTUM STOCK
  2. I traded way above my max loss!
  3. I did not cut my losses!
  4. I revenge traded like a bitch! My emotions got the best of me. I was not thinking straight at all.

New Rules and lessons learnt:

1. Never buy pre-market for momentum plays
2. I caught myself being short into an upward circuit breaker halt. Imagine that feeling. I will focus on momentum trading for now. Get back to what I know and stop trying new things in a market where momentum is picking up. NO MORE SHORTING FOR A MONTH. SELF IMPOSED SSR. (I’m going to study the short set-ups thoroughly first)
3. Stick to my god damn max fucking loss. Wow I really am disappointed in myself today.
4. Trade small size!

Now for what I am terribly ashamed of showing:

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 10.28.13 pm

Also as a reminder of my stupid-ness below is the chart of my entries and exits. This is going to be my computer wallpaper for a while to remind myself not to be a clown.

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 10.29.37 pm

I will be back I promise.


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Daily Recap #8

Accuracy: 40%
Trades: 5. Traded OSUR and SPEX twice

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 12.50.12 am

AMCN – Was another one of my dumb entries. Jumped in, thought about it, realised it was a terrible plan and then jumped out. Today I will try to avoid that.

OSUR – First trade, did not go right so i stepped out. Second short attempt into high daily resistance with volume. Stock start basing, grinding up and breaking out so I cut my loses. Need to study this set-up more.

SPEX –  Happy with this trade. Pure momentum play with a 5 min scalp. This is slowly becoming my favourite set-up. I am seeing momentum in the markets again and lets hope it lasts. It was also the first time I took bigger size. Tried to buy the pullback. Took minimal profits on the second trade as the push seemed to be lacking. Overall thumbs up on this sucker.

Plan for tomorrow:



The journey keeps happening. Btw commissions sucked me dry today and I got to think of a way to minimise this.

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Daily Recap #7 – Pat on my back

Screen Shot 2017-06-27 at 11.00.45 pm.png

Accuracy: 66%
Trades: 3

Alright!! Finally a small win today. Straight up, the win was super small and absolutely nothing to get excited about from a dollar value perspective. What I truly loved about today was that I traded with confidence and traded with a solid plan.

ALDR – This was a bottom bounce set-up I had been studying over the weekend. When I saw this pre-market, I was a man with a plan. I told myself to take super small size because this will be a test run. Get a feel of the set-up I had been studying and execute. I would say I traded this 80% to plan. 20% still room for improvement.

a) I got to trust my plan. I failed to add when the stock hit bottom. It was the plan
b) I would say I got scared out a little bit too early even though the chart was still strong.

There is always next time.

MBRX – This was a momentum play and one I had practiced on my paper trading account. I played this well. Did not get too greedy and took my profits as it came. Solid entry on this as well.

Got to scale up my size in the future for sure. Maybe only after a minimum of 2 weeks of consistency.

AMRN – This was my stupid trade of the day. The setup was not a 100% and it was a more advanced set-up. I tried to short this on the front side of the move and like 10s after I entered, I knocked some sense back into me and pulled out. It was a 15 dollar loss if you include commissions but definitely worth it.


Note to self: I have changed my tagging system. Au Revoir.

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Daily Recap #5 – Blood Bath

Today I learned some hard hard lessons.

  1. Momentum in the markets seem to be dead for small caps and low floaters. This means all the trading strategies I had learned over the last couple of months on my paper trading account are now invalid
  2. The higher caps seem to have more potential but they behave a lot differently than the suckers I had gotten used to.
  3. I need to work on my emotions. I respect my stops well but I always trade over my max loss. This will now be at 150 henceforth. If I lose that much I will piss off for the day
  4. This weekend will be a study weekend and hopefully I can learn more about mid to large caps and how to trade them. Figure out some set-ups


Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 10.59.35 pm.png

Tickers: 3
Accuracy: 0%

JUNO – Absolutely dumb short. Tried to do a multi-day resistance with volume (MDRV) but shorted way too low. Got out at my max though with slippage. Need to learn a little more about this set up over the weekend.

MBRX – First red day, no news so tried to short it. Got a good fill at 1.05 but then added to it at .99ish and 0.98ish too aggressively. Stock started forming an ABCD set-up (look up Nathan Michaud on youtube) so I stopped out. Mistake here was to add too quick and too early. Will have a look tomorrow to see how it closed.

ESPR – Was chasing this stock a little. Trend indicated an upward move but got screwed out. It ran up pretty damn high yesterday. Effectively a bad chase and chart was not clean.



STUDY STUDY STUDY this weekend and stick to set-ups I know! I will be back next week stronger. I think tomorrow I will need to take a break.

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Daily Recap #4

Accuracy: 50%
Tickers Traded: 4


Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 1.28.55 pm


CELG – This cracker was running high and flying in the day. Could not find an entry point on the 5 min so I avoided until the first pullback. That didn’t work so got out quick

RUN – Multi-day breakout trade, got stopped out though

FL – Dumbest trade ever. Read my charts wrongly. Got out like 3 seconds after entry but got screwed. Shit happens! Just have to deal, learn and move forward.

ADBE – Shorted this one as a fade setup. Caught it near the 20 EMA on the 5 minute. I promised myself to only short at resistance. This was a good trade no doubt. Wish I could have taken slightly larger size but price was way up there.


I am up on the day but down after commissions. Going to keep up the grind. Momentum on the other hand was shit on small caps today and this month.

Also side note:

I am only going to tag the best set-up or the ‘loudest’ set-up of the day from now on. Today we got that ADBE fade going onnnnn.

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Daily Recap #3

Accuracy 0%
Tickers Traded = 3


Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 10.46.02 pm

Boom! Today was a terrible day. Am I surprised? Not really, but it is disappointing nevertheless. I lost all my gains plus some. (if you include comms)

So things I did wrong?

  1. I used the 1 min chart to time my short on KMX. Stick to 5 min chart patterns!! This resulted in me thinking I shorted at resistance.
  2. On all the my short trades, the daily chart did not look that great for a play. Just meh
  3. I traded sub A quality set ups! Always stick to the best set-ups.
  4. I traded over my max loss. It is always ok to step back and throw in the towel early if things are not working out

Things I did right?

  1. For the most part, within individual trades I respected my stops and my profit targets. I did not cash in too early or stop out because of fear. Today this did not work out for me but I think this is the right approach.


Lessons Learnt! – Timing is everything! As you can see below, the KMX trade eventually worked out as it reached low of day.

Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 10.58.31 pm


To the next trade soon! Have a good one guys. Oh yes I will be back.