Calm Cool Collected and Learning! #13

Ok so today was really interesting.

Am I red? You bet! But did I see improvement from yesterday? YES!

Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 10.35.05 pm.png

What made my losers, losers today?

  1. I would say volume. CNAT was something I liked and was in my watchlist but I believe it lacked the volume for follow through.
  2. VRAY – I was anticipating something and jumped in too quick

What I did correct?

  1. APRI – was a decent set-up for HOD break. Failed and got out super quick. Up or out was the plan here 🙂
  2. OHGI – Finally a spell breaker of the losing trade streak. Caught it on the 5 min scalp.
  3. Super patient about plays and did not jump it like a mad man.

Plan for tomorrow?

  1. Continue up or out
  2. Be even more patient to trade the perfect the set-ups
  3. Take note of volume

I actually feel semi-good today. When you learn something, that often happens. I was the ruler of my emotions for the most part.

Atoute mes peeps. Ils sont deux peeps a mon site pour maintenant mais c’est ok. Encore, je suis heureux.