What the.

Singaporean. Male. Young Professional. Part-time trader. Awesome.

I’m in my mid-twenties and since mid-March 2017 I have been studying and learning about day-trading. Tons of YouTube videos, free-webinars, free E-books, readings and finally a paid subscription to a basic paper trading account using the DAS Trader platform.

June 2017 I finally graduated myself from the paper trading account to a real account at SureTrader. I wanted to document my journey and post all my wins and losses. Also I will use this as a platform to reflect on my trades. That includes: challenges, wins, mistakes, trading psychology etc.

I’m stoked. You should be to.

Trading style:

At the moment I am day-trading stocks in the US Nasdaq Markets solely. I trade both long and short. I also mix up momentum trading and technical trading. Finally I adopt a strategy that focuses on trading during the first 2-3 hours in the trading day. Living in Singapore and currently working, this is a limitation I have to deal with. It allows me to have a full-time job and trade part-time. Lastly, I do not trade every market day because..life.